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Top Notch Water Heater Repair In Orange CA

water heater repair in Orange CA done by one of our specialistsWater heater service is one of the top reasons we get called. Unfortunately, when we do get that call the water heater has suffered a catastrophic failure and needs to be replaced. That's a costly problem, with storage tanks running around $600 and emergency installation and tank removal added, a 40 gallon water heater install could easily run into $1,000 or more. There is a better way.

Get In Touch With A Plumber In Orange CA, Before Your Water Heater Fails

Instead of waiting until there is a problem with the water heater, call our Orange CA water heater repair team to do an inspection. Regular inspections can double the life of your water heater and stop you from having to make that expensive emergency water heater replacement.

Our inspections include:

  • one of our Orange CA plumbers is checking the thermostatVisually inspecting for rust and leaks
  • Testing the thermostat
  • Checking for sediment build-up
  • Inspecting the sacrificial anode
  • Checking the temperature and pressure valve
  • Securing all electrical connections
  • Checking the heating element for scale
  • Checking the pilot light assembly and burn chamber for soot
  • Monitoring the water inlets for corrosion
  • And more

Free One-Time Maintenance Check After Any Water Heater Repair in Orange CA

One of the most important reasons to get your water heater checked – aside from extending the lifespan – is to prevent a potentially life threatening problem. Water heaters with bad temperature and pressure relief valves are ticking time bombs, literally. If your thermostat fails (the number one problem with water heaters), the pressure in your tank can start to increase as the water continues to be heated. If the temperature and pressure relief valve fails to open, the excess pressure will not escape and the tank will begin to expand. Eventually the steel storage tank will reach a breaking point and the bottom, sides or top will burst sending scalding water all over the room. Additionally, if the bottom bursts out, the water heater can become a missile and damage anything in its path.

Don't put yourself and your family in danger. Make a phone call to our Orange CA plumbing team and get a safer, more efficient water heater today!

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